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a better

in the emerging business epicenter of the world

Parklane Group leverages individual and collective skills to form a core team and partnerships with investors to capitalize on continuing demand for acquisition and development opportunities.


We put relationships first.


We know powerful connections can lead to extraordinary results.  Our team is made up of industry leaders and innovative thinkers who are ready to leave their mark on our communities and the world at large.  Our deep industry relationships grown and nurtured over many years provide unrivaled access to project opportunities.  Relationships with high level and connections across the globe with government bodies, municipalities, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Family Offices.


With real estate professionals operating globally, our strong relationships have been forged over decades, which we believe provides us with superior access. We are an innovative team bringing a new approach that attracts global businesses and companies seeking development opportunities


We believe deep involvement makes us different.

Complex deal structures


Converting ideas to real property.  Parklane Group focuses on a wide variety of value-add development opportunities from the acquisition, origination and conception phase, through entitlements & approvals, and on to design and construction.


Our specialization includes Commercial, Residential, Office, Mixed-Use, Hospitality, Retail, Multifamily, Industrial, Infrastructure & Utilities as an owner, general partners or through joint ventures.


Parklane Group helps implements your real estate goals leading to better outcomes.  Sophisticated trend analysis, deep local market knowledge, and hands-on operational execution allow us to swiftly capitalize on opportunities as we seek to optimize every aspect of the market to create the most value possible for our partners.


Parklane Group has a wide variety of debt and equity source partnerships that have enabled us to become leader in the space.  Our capability to support institutional and personal investments has allowed us grow across the African continent and maximize returns for all stakeholders.


Our construction and project management team will oversee all the planning, design, and completion of a project.  Parklane Group will represent the owner’s interest and provides oversight over the entire project.  Our mandate is to work with all parties to deliver exceptional value and manage risk.  Effective management of the cost, quality, safety, and scope promises to deliver projects on time and in budget.

Asset Management

Parklane Group believes in a holistic approach to asset management that creates an advantage for our investors.  Remaining focused on our core business values has allows Parklane Group to capture the greatest asset value for both our portfolio, joint venture partners and investors.


As we focus our energy on sustainability and innovation, we are proud to partner with investors to improve the built environment, promoting building standards that contribute to better cities.

Building a better AFRICA.